INDIANacts: Aboriginal Performance Art

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Beatrice Medicine at the podium
Beatrice Medicine: individualism. She tells a story about a native painter in the 50's 1:58

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Beatrice Medicine at the podium
Beatrice Medicine: Discusses the commodification of art or rituals 1:08

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Warren Arcan
Warren Arcan, respondent, how are we generating our own rituals? 4:34

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Day 1: November 29th 2002

Panel #1 continued: Mapping the Movement

Moderator Aiyanna Maracle
Speakers: Dr. Beatrice Medicine, Guy Sioui Durand, James Luna
Respondent Warren Arcan

“I just want to say one thing, that when we talk about these things we have to contextual them. There are certain things that are sacred and they remain sacred and certain things that are secular. It all depends upon one’s commitment to one’s community and their ritual as opposed to the commodification of art - we have to look at this - I think this is something that we need to discuss more. Because it comes up in every art conference and it’s never going to be solved - and it is something that we have to discuss. The contextualization of art - the commodification of art or rituals and where they are rightfully practiced.”
—Dr. Beatrice Medicine, INDIANacts conference, November 30, 2002.