INDIANacts: Aboriginal Performance Art

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Dolores Dallas performance - hands holding drum with text on it
Dolores Dallas performance with drum and video projection 10:49

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Glenn Alteen at podium
Glenn Alteen introduces the artists on the theatre panel 1:21

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Margo Kane, Marie Clements, Floyd Favel
Margo Kane, Marie Clements and Floyd Favel discuss their differing practices. 3:34

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James Luna
James Luna interview. He talks about performing and audience members asking about the spiritual and missing the mark. 14:12

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Ahasiw Maskegon-Iskew
Ahasiw Maskegon-Iskwew interview. Discusses what makes memories precious, and how this relates to performance. 15:37

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Day 3: December 1, 2002

Panel 4: Differing Practices: Experimental Theatre and Performance Art

Moderator: Margo Kane
Speakers: Floyd Favel, Marie Clements, Delores Dallas

“When you’re bringing what you are and who you are to your art form, whether you do it consciously or unconsciously, it starts becoming an applied practice, that is your artistic practice. So you’re fusing that together with, you know, how you started out in the world and you fuse that together with your blood and memories and what you want to say, you’re witnessing and that becomes this fusion that gets on stage or gets in a space that other people are going to witness.”
—Marie Clements, INDIANacts conference, December 1, 2002.